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Thread: Holy crap, a car video! - 3 hours dirt race with $300 cars (I won)

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    Default Holy crap, a car video! - 3 hours dirt race with $300 cars (I won)

    This is my 3rd season driving. We had a TDI golf in 2018. In 2019, I came better prepared with a Subaru Justy. 13" tires. Awd. Super light. Dead reliable, although we had no alternator belt for the last 90 minutes.

    I was able to keep the car, and am coming up with a new theme for 2020. Any ideas, let's hear em.
    I'd love to put some ATV/UTV tires on, for 2020. I'm open to ideas, for more traction.

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    Wow Graham, When I sold you this little beastie I told yah it was reliable... Glad it proved it's worth for you, I think you should widen those 12 inch rims I sold you with the car and mount those ATV tires on it but you are gonna have to space them out a bunch to clear the rear trailing links. I have some atv tires for sale cheap....

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    I asked my Sawzall, it says you can fit those ATV tires.

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    If the winner is determined based off ODO readings, i dont think you want more grip, spinning tires are adding km's

    those atv tires would probably be hard on the drivetrain.
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