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  • Yes, I have delayed trips due to concerns with the virus.

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  • No, I am proceeding as planned with all travel.

    33 43.42%
  • Yes, but I will take precautions and still go.

    17 22.37%
  • The Corona threat is all a bunch of hogwash.

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Thread: Is The Coronavirus Impacting Your Travel Decisions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipdoa View Post
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    Westjet cancelled my flight to LA and rebooked it with different dates - They're only offering a 'travelbank' refund, but I'm looking to do a chargeback thru my CC. Anyone have tips on this?
    I had zero problems getting a charge back from CapitalOne, it was far easier than dealing with West Jet and their travel bank (which expires). The fact that it expires I think was why they allowed the chargeback no questions asked, because there is no guarantee you can use it before it expires and you have to pay to extend it, so it's not even close to a cash equivalent.

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    This is the entire business model of the airlines right now. Massive changes, but not technically a "cancellation" so they don't offer real refunds. I would not want to book a vacation while this tom-fuckery is so rampant.
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    United rescheduled my flight to Buenos Aires by a day but it also said in the email I was eligible for a refund. Clicked the cancel link and no fuse, no talking or emailing. Just said cancellation submitted and 48 hours later I had a full refund on my CC.

    Fucking Canadian airlines suck.

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