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Thread: looking for hardwood and exotic wood cutoffs - where to acquire

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    Default looking for hardwood and exotic wood cutoffs - where to acquire

    Hey fellas!

    So, I am looking to go into the next step of my woodworking hobby, graduating from decks and renos and the more construction side of things, into doing some more precision woodworking.

    I am going to start with the basics like boxes, butcher blocks, cutting boards etc...things I can cut my teeth on and learn. As such, I am going to need better woods than the lumber I get from Home Depot and the like. But I also have no business buying large slabs of wood either as my ability to resaw things is very limited at the moment. So I am hoping that someone here knows where I can go get some decent hard wood cutoffs for cheap and in a variety of woods. I am obviously not too fussy on the species of wood as pretty much anything is going to work. Ideally, I would love to get my hands on some hickory, maple, mahogany, cherry, even some purpleheart. Also, would love to get some spanish cedar too. I know I can goto places like windsor plywood, but like I said, I am definitely not ready for 4/4 or 8/4 slabs yet.
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    Black Forest - off of Blackfoot Trail. They have a varied selection. I got some African Maple for a project I did once.

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    Lee Valley as well.

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    For cut offs specifically Black forest doesn't put out much. And what they do put out is usually pretty wonky (edges from cutting turning blanks and such). They will joint and plane your lumber for free if I remember correctly, so you could go that route until you get setup at home. Everything is overpriced there, but the price on ash/cherry/maple isn't too horrible. 4/4 Walnut is up to $18/bf now, it was $10/bf two years ago.

    Lee Valley used to put out their torrified maple seconds, but I haven't seen it in a while. It was rough cut though, needed jointing/planing. I convinced them to let me into the back of the shop last year and pick directly from the pallet, bought a shitload of it.

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