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    Default Tekton Designs Impact Full Standing Speakers - Dark Grey


    Mods: I originally had posted these in a combined thread a while back. As I need these to go, hopefully it is ok that I am posting them now as a stand alone thread.

    Tekton Impact full sized speakers.

    These are absolutely wonderful speakers, very musical and reproduce lifelike sounds, especially string instruments and vocals. Bought directly from Tekton Designs.

    I jumped headfirst into the hi-fi world, but unfortunately have not had the time to enjoy my hi-fi gear, and now my current living situation (smaller home and have Grandma in the house) have led me to have to downsize most of my gear, which is why I am selling this - they do sound great, has been hard for me to post this.

    Conservatively graded at Excellent condition. Less than one year - comes with original shipping boxes. Has only been used for about 25 hours. I think it is fair to say these haven't even been broken in yet.

    2020-05-17 16.29.17.jpg2020-05-17 16.29.04.jpg2020-05-17 16.29.29.jpgIMG_20200718_141044.jpg
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    What actual model is this? I thought Tektons had 7 tweeters?

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    The actual model is called the "Impacts". The Double Impacts are the ones that have the 7 tweeter spread. I think it is the Lores that have 3. They are not listed on the website anymore as (from Eric's mouth) most people were getting the Double Impacts. He says he still makes them for special orders. He's pretty good about talking to customers about his speakers directly - if you had more questions (that I can't answer) he is often the one that answers their phone number.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot to add that the Double Impacts have one more mid, and one more sub driver on each speaker (hence the "Double" Impact). The tweeters at 5 he said provide the same sonic signature as the Double Impacts.

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