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    Hey all

    Recently we have been experimenting with and eating more kbbq at home. So far we have experimented with using our broiler/pan.

    As delicious as it is to make and have the smell sort of linger, it would be nice to do this outdoors. We live in a condo where a full sized nat gas bbq would eat up (no pun intended) to much real estate on the balcony. We have been looking for an electric unit as we arent permitted to have anything except a nat gas bbq. With that said, I like the idea of having something small which we can store outside.

    Are there any suggestions about where to look? We've tried CT/Walmart/BB so far. THe options are either not in the preferred fuel source, or are $500+

    I have a budget of ~$300.00. This is something we'd only keep for about a year, so I can't justify buying a really expensive/feature rich appliance.

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    You want something like this?

    Or like an "actual" bbq

    In general I think our options here are more limited because of 110V

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