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    Default Free: Misc computer parts

    Its a pretty old setup from 2014 but works perfectly fine. Upgraded my HTPC to something more beefy.

    Free mobo/cpu/ram: Won't seperate
    AMD A6-6400k 3.9ghz dual core CPU. This is a APU with integrated graphics
    MSI FM2-A55M-33 motherboard
    AMD branded 4gb 1600mhz DDR3
    It's a very basic setup and 6 years old but it works so if someone wants to build a basic computer for something to run it's all set. Just need a case/psu/harddrive and you are set

    Free printer:
    Epson WF-2760 scanner/printer/copier combo
    Was working great but it sat for 6 months without printing. The black works fine but the colors, particularly red come out faded. Guessing the print head is a bit dried out. I just replaced all the cartridges with brand new ones (off brand) and black prints fine but colors still come out faded. If someone wants to clean the head (tutorials online to soak them to clean them) it could be a cheap printer that works well. Scanner/copier works great. New it was a ~200$ printer and could be good if someone wants to put a hour in cleaning the head. Ink cartridges are dirt cheap, link below, 40$ for 4x black and 2x of each color

    Pickup in bridgeland - won't delivery or meet up as its free.

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    Hi, is the mobo still available?

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    Default Free - MISC computer parts

    Hi, is the cpu/mobo/ram still available?


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