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Decided I'd rather have cash than mining so I listed my two 3070s on kijiji. Both for 2,250$ and had over a dozen replies within 2 hours and tentatively sold for first thing tomorrow. Pretty crazy.

As much fun as mining is when I look at the profitability it'd take me half a year to recoup what I could sell them for. With the hash rate constantly rising I just don't see that happening as Eth would need to spike way higher than what it already is and I think the bubble is about run out.

The numbers looked a lot better when I compare MSRP vs mining but the currently inflated prices are nuts. I could've probably got a lot more for the cards too based on the messages. People were ready to etransfer me deposits instantly just to hold them.
nothing wrong with that, congrats on the gain. at least you are not one of those scalping for over 50-70% retail.

I wouldnt be buying anything for mining right now either, if I can get hold of another 3060ti or 3070 then I would resell it as well.