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Thread: Crypto Mining Thread

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    Any of you mining guys need parts? I have a couple 1600w power supplies and some risers for sale. See thread: https://forums.beyond.ca/threads/415...-other-gadgets

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    Anyone thinking of mining Deeper Network (DPR) I already ordered 3 miners, I only need 1 so I might have 1 to sell on beyond at some point. The miners are on indiegogo right now for up to $500 USD. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/d...connect-pico#/ The cheapest miner is a couple of hundred dollars.
    Mining calculator here: https://dpr.deeper.network/calculator
    Deepernetwork is a silicon valley startup web3 project.
    The best thing about deeper network is that they want a more open internet so you get a hardware vpn / blocking device and you can set your apps to connect to different networks, want disneyplus to be on asia so you can watch Korean shows sure. Want Netflix to be set to USA it will do that too.
    Im planning to stake about 30k DPR on a Mini miner which will reward me approx 32 DPR per day or at todays price thats 5$ CAD, but im most excited to be able to set my disneyplus and netflix to Korea so I can watch all their shows.

    Also there is planet watch which is rewards for sharing your air quality data (miners range from $200 to 1700 USD)
    The $600 miner for example rewards you 46 planets per day which is roughly ~20$ CAD per day.

    Theres also helium but its really hard to get a miner. You can look it up yourself the token is HNT

    Another one I found is Threefold which is trying to do defi cloud stuff, you can diy your own miner. I havent looked too much into this but I do have a spare computer downstairs so I might get into this one. Token is TFT

    If I come across more projects I will share them here.

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    Anyone have experience with Celsius Network??
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