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Thread: Crypto Mining Thread

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    So it took roughly 8 hours to complete a single plot with the 120gb SSD 1TB SSD setup yesterday.

    Running another test going straight to HDD for temp and final. Started at 7:50am and is currently at 18%
    I started another plot with the SSD setup at 7:04am and it's currently at 25%. It was at roughly 6% when I started the HDD attempt so it's not outpacing it by much. Will see if the big difference happens at the 31% mark where all those sorts happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ercchry View Post
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    So at 11pm tonight it will be 25 days with my miners split between 2miner and NH and I’m at...

    1 - 1080ti on NH: $110USD
    1 - 1080, 1080ti, 3060 on 2miner: $505USD

    ... so ~$900CAD/month... not too shabby for $2300 worth of cards, good mining lately!
    Although that kicks ass, our dollar has strengthened quite a bit.

    As of this morning it’s right at $743 CDN.

    Edit: per month is close. Carry on, I marthed it.
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    -H.P. Lovecraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by taemo View Post
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    ^sweet, will pay off in less than 3 months then profits then

    yeah loving the mining right now, 2 1060 6GB doing 4-5CAD$/day each on NH is pretty sick.
    3060ti and 3070 mining ETH on 2miners and we are earning close to 0.01 ETH/day

    chia plotting with standard HDD is slow, 20hrs and 1st plot was 29% and 2nd plot 18%.
    turned if off and put in 1TB SSD for temp plotting.
    I think they might be paid off? Close to it, starting buying mid-feb till early March... but the proceeds are way too difficult to track between the random DEX coins and farming nonsense

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