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Thread: GM $9,000 truck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraSlow View Post
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    I get it, I really do. But it's hard to compare something that is 40 years old with something from today. You guys aren't arguing about me being wrong, because you know I'm not.
    I'm not arguing, I'm supplementing. Every farm has a truck that can't be taken anywhere near town.

    A little truck like that would be handy as a shirt pocket for around the farm.
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    Don’t stop at small trucks...C2089F98-A2EA-4262-AF03-8C56075F405B.jpg
    Our fuel truck with the dodgiest brakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disoblige View Post
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    When a Fit makes more power.

    Honda should modify their Fit engine for truck usage and come out with their own minimalist truck. Would buy!
    Honda does make a truck in their home market. Same price as this but only 45ps.

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