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Thread: Synthetic oils varying viscosities and oil filters

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    Default Synthetic oils varying viscosities and oil filters

    Brand new:
    - 6L Castrol Edge Professional 5W30 - SOLD
    - 1L Mobil1 ATF - $10 (with another opened but nearly full 1L bottle)
    - 5L Total Quartz 9000 Energy 5W40 - SOLD

    - About 2.5L of Liquimoly 10W60 for S54 - SOLD
    - 1L OEM BMW TwinPower Turbo 5W30 - SOLD

    2x Subaru Bosch OEM oil filters 72230WS - free

    BMW or MINI B46 B48 OEM oil filter - free

    PM me to come pick up
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