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    Default Brand New Kidís Electric Mini Bike

    Vehicle Details
    Year : 2021
    Make and Model : Kid’s Electric Mini Bike
    Exterior Color : black
    Interior Color : black
    Auto or Manual? : 1-speed
    Odometer Reading : only mileage from testing
    Location of Vehicle : Bragg Creek
    Description :

    We have been working on electric mini bikes and initial testing took us through a few different motor/battery combos. The smaller motor wasn’t enough for the bigger bike with a heavier rider so we packaged it into a smaller bike and it works awesome!

    The bike has a 1500w electric motor with a peak rating of 3000w, a 20 amp/hour 48V lithium battery and a 50 amp controller. All of which give the bike a 40 km range and a top speed of over 40 km/h! It is tunable so we have it dialed back for a younger rider. It is possible to limit it further or ramp it up for more aggressive performance.

    Special features of the bike include:
    - reverse gear
    - regenerative braking which disengages the motor when the brake is pulled and charges the battery
    - main power switch
    - battery life indicator
    - disc brake
    - battery charger

    The bike has a 23” seat height and 14” tires. It is ideal for riders up to 150 lbs but we have done testing with 200+ lb riders. The heavier rider just impacts performance and range.

    Viewings and test rides with serious parties can take place in Bragg Creek at the Community Center.

    Asking Price : $2,250, open to negotiation with Beyonders

    Contact Information
    DM : contact me via DM

    Pictures :





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