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Thread: talk to me about hot tubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacky4566 View Post
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    Bromine is all you need. Water is so cheap we just flush the tub when it gets skunky. Really not worth the hassle of trying to fix thing.
    Get yourself setup to flush things quickly.
    It’s not about the cost of the water. It’s about it being a massive pain in the ass to flush, drain, clean, fill, balance and heat.

    It’s an all day affair. Why do it every month or so when you can just take care of the water and be done with it.

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    Chlorine (or bromine whatever) fixes nearly all sins in a tub. That and keeping your filters clean.

    For everything else there is whatever changes.
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    guessing who I might be, psychologizing me with your non existent degree.

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