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    Default 5x100 Advan Racing RS wheels


    These are the Mark I Advan Racing RS
    5x100 pcd
    48mm offset

    As you can see from the pictures, one is of a different colour, they are all the same size and same specs though. I bought the 3 gold ones and went to search for a single wheel with similar size and specs to complete the set. My plans have now changed as I'm trying to fund another wheel project of mine.

    As seen from the photos, two of the gold wheels have some curb damage or dings and the silver one has quite a few scratches and some minor curbage. I can have them all fixed, refinished and colour matched the one wheel with the others and sell it for maybe $900+?

    Or I can sell them now, as is for an amazingly low price of $SOLD.
    Location: Airdrie, Alberta

    Click on the photos for a bigger version!

    - Ian G.
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