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Thread: Suggest A Projector And Screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by rage2 View Post
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    I wouldn’t even know where to put a TV. Hang it beside bathroom door would make using bathroom awkward as fuck. Everywhere else there’s windows.

    Rip out the bar? That’s too extreme. Get blackout blinds everywhere and have a motorized projector screen come down on the wall where the walkout door is? That’s really the only choice.

    Got a pic of that wall?
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    Yea projector screen on that back door wall with all windows having black out blinds is your only option if you want a big screen. I’m assuming the other wall with windows is weirdly recessed so you can’t hang a big tv there. It’d be a weird position for a screen anyways, projector or TV. Centered you’d be watching on the stairs, and in the corner would be awkward and misaligned with the bar. Surround audio would be a pain in the ass as well on the side wall, more room on that back wall.

    As a movie buff and wannabe videophile I’d hate to have that layout haha.
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