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Thread: Calgary Flames MEGA THREAD 2021-2022 Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gman.45 View Post
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    Man do I wish I was living in Calgary right now. What a series, and what a game.

    I remember the 2004 series so well, we had season tickets and my old business partner had a box back then too. I remember one night when Kiprusoff went to Cowboys after a win, and the place just about fell in from the sound waves, people screaming themselves hoarse. Craig Conroy would call into the radio station after the home games while driving home, you could hear fans parked beside him at red lights calling out to him, and him talking back to them - so many great memories. Again, I wish I was able to be "home" right now for the battle of Alberta. I remember that 1991 series well too, my neighbor was a huge Oilers fan back then, and the battles we had were good times.

    My 1st cousin played for the Flames in 2007/8 (Mark Smith), and that was my last year living full time in Calgary and having season tickets. Crossing my fingers that it works out I can get back for even just one game (family in Calgary has tickets and will let me have one home game). This is going to be a great series.
    The atmosphere leaving the game last night was insane. Total 2004 vibes.

    Too bad I'm 18 years older and get hungover from a couple heroin beers. I'd end up in the hospital if I partied like 04' at this age hahaha.

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    Crossing my fingers that ticketmaster doesn't shit the bed for general public tickets at noon, want tix for Friday

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