So we had hail damage from the big storm at the end of June this year, shingles, siding, etc took a beating so insurance claim was opened.

Roofers eventually came and did most of the shingles however our skylight needs to be replaced as well, they said they'll finish the shingles after they get the new skylight installed...which was supposed to be a week later.

We're now at a month and still don't have the skylight installed and half my main ridge roof is just exposed vapour barrier material.

My question is that is it okay for half my roof to be exposed upwards of a month without shingles? Between wind storms and now snow on and off, on top of just wanting the job done, I'm worried the roof may get damaged if left exposed like this for an extended period of time over winter.

We call the company handling our claim, fucking garbage company, receptionist told my wife that they had to let go of one of their project managers as he was taking cash from clients to have materials and scheduling moved to those slipping him cash....aka why our skylight has never appeared yet most likely. I have no idea why you would tell a client this info but here we are.

But yeah, is my roof going to be okay with just vapour barrier for another 1,2, ??? weeks? or do I need to become the crazy yelling customer?