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Thread: Rye whiskey thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedog View Post
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    As my wife expanded her retired oak barrel business this past July to include whiskey barrels, we have been fortunate (or not) to have some barrels since that time that are wet, some very wet as in 3 to 7+ liters from a single barrel.

    They are all retired oak whiskey barrels from Alberta Distillers and since mid-July I have pulled about 50 liters of the whiskey out of barrels which has tested anywhere from 70 to 140 proof with the bulk of it ranging from 80 to 125.

    The color and taste range is absolutely amazing and even though I am not much of a drinker I am beginning to notice and appreciate the differences between of what comes out of different barrels - please note these are the thoughts of someone who'd be considered barely a cretin by some of beyond's members so take this for what it is, I just consider it a nice side bonus of my wife's barrel business and with access to over 3,200 barrels we have stored nearby there's most likely a wee bit more rye whiskey in my future.

    From left to right, 70 proof, 80, 80, 140
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    10 full liter Mason jars - 80 to 125 proof
    Attachment 103462

    1,500 or so rye whiskey barrels
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    It’s funny. Old whiskey barrel leftover swish is exactly what this thread is all about.
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    guessing who I might be, psychologizing me with your non existent degree.

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    The answer really is Alberta Premium, love it.

    And @speedog I am mega jealous, I haven't had that since my grandfather was alive. I wish I could get a couple jars haha
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    Once again another useless post by JRSCOOLDUDE.
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    I say stupid shit all the time.

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