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    I blame it pussy whipped bitches, and complacent fat asses, that became ok with most vehicles having automatics. For the same reason they patronize the neanderthalic, 1/4 mile times, they flip the script and die on the hill for the quickness of a PDK.

    Originally posted by sputnik
    Cell providers are the next Blockbuster video stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ca_Silvia13 View Post
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    Also after seeing the review and the windshield in this. Fuck this car. What's replacement cost on one of those, 10k?
    Model X is about $1800USD replaced. I bet this would be similar.

    If you drop into BMW/MB dealer and ask for an OEM windshield these days, it's anywhere from $1200 to $1800 even on a 2 series.

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