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    Quote Originally Posted by davidI View Post
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    He looked rather responsible for the accident (I mean, I'd chalk it up as a racing incident but when Gasly backed off it looked like GR went pretty hard left into Zhou) and had lost a tire himself. Not sure if his PU had shut off as well. I think it was more the commentators playing up the idea of him being able to continue in the race more than any initial expectation from GR or Mercedes.

    Often, the drivers also know better than the volunteer marshals as well. I mean, the marshals are briefed/trained but a lot of them still do stupid isht in the heat of the moment. Even if GR just reminded them not to touch Zhou until the medical car arrived it might have helped.
    I think it's chalked up to a racing incident, but ultimately it was more Russell's fault than anyone else's, if not even entirely his fault.

    Russell said in his interview during the red flag that when he got back to the car, it didn't start, so he ran back to pit lane (I suppose that's allowed?) to get advice. When he got back, the car was on a flatbed, despite him asking them not to touch the car.
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    Good race. How the heck was Leclerc pushing up Sainz ass with a broken wing near the start of the race?

    I see everyone talking about how stupid Ferrari is for not pitting Leclerc on the last safety car. But they would've been double stacked there and lost time, seemed like a big risk to pit both cars. I thought they would've tried to use Sainz to keep Leclerc within DRS range and just drag him around the track and able to defend passes.

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    I think that this is a rare time that Ferrari did it right. They have two cars in the top 3, need to use one to protect the other. Either way this is the only chance to get either at the top.

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