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Thread: Electric Vehicle MEGA Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pheoxs View Post
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    Interesting move by Ford and hopefully it'll properly shift them to online sales.

    Ford To Cancel All Dealer Stock Orders Of The 2023 F-150 Lightning After Quality Control Check (Update) (jalopnik.com)

    If I'm understanding it right, Ford cancelling all Lightning orders that aren't already pre-sold to people. Shifting all new orders to be online rather than via dealer.
    Ford reached out to us with an official statement as to why the company is canceling dealer stock orders of ‘23 model year Lightnings. Ford says that the cancellations are being done due to the changes in model year; giving dealers the chance to order 2024 model year Lightnings
    It's a nothing story?

    And I'm sure they want to control stock before dealers start discounting them too much.

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    Pretty common for some orders near the end of the order window to be cancelled or converted to the new model year. Possibly more than usual because this is hot selling model, but does seem like a nothing deal.
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    Everything's a fuckin' travesty with you, man!

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