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Yes, your flights were paid for by CNRL from Calgary to Horizon, I think they're still flying with Canadian North. Or are you saying you lived out of province and they paid for your flight to your connecting hub?
All employers pay for your flights from their hubs(YYC/YEG) to site if it's a FIFO position.

OP is looking for a job with a flight allowance to travel across the country, what sounds like moving after getting said job. I'm very doubtful he'll be able to secure that unless he's super specialized. I'd be willing to bet if OP was upfront about moving so far from a hub city after gaining employment, likely give themselves less of chance to get said position.

The employer willing to add a flight allowance however far down the road to accommodate the added flight cost living across the country. Not impossible, but imo very wishful thinking.
All of this. There really is almost 0 chance it's happening even with oil being this high, I wouldn't rely on it as part of taking the job.