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Thread: Official 2022/23 NHL Thread

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    Default Official 2022/23 NHL Thread

    Slightly early starting this one, but important news for us streamers. Rogers is shutting down NHL Live for next year.


    So we're now forced to use SN Now and SN Now Premium instead. SN Now gets us in market games at $15/month ($150/year), and SN Now Premium gets us all games at a whopping $35/month ($250/year). NHL Live was offered at a cheaper $180/year for better streaming quality (although you need VPN to get all games instead of just out of market games). The biggest losses are ability to watch the same game on 2 different feeds (Canadian and US) with different announcers, watching multiple games simultaneously, as well as game archives dating back 3 seasons.

    With that said, any of you guys on SN Now? Has quality improved? NHL Live is 1080p 60fps, while SN Now last time I looked was 30fps which was a huge downgrade. Also, does SN Now have archives? My kids like to watch old games daily that they remembered were good games.

    The other alternative is using ESPN+ on VPN, at $8 a month USD, 1080p 60fps, better announcing, and of course extensive archive back to the 50's. Seems like a no brainer, but I do like Canadian announcers here and there.
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    SN can't even get radio streaming right, I don't really trust them with TV.
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