Vehicle Details

Make and Model : GM T5500 (or 5500XD, etc). Would consider others (e.g., Ford F450, F550), whatever you might have

Description : Probably a long shot, but thought I'd post here. Family business had the engine in one of their trucks give up. It's a LCF600 with ~16' frame (12' deck +4' storage). Looking for something to replace it with, since new ones are hard to come by (and a new replacement engine is $28k USD, doesn't make sense for a truck with 200k km on it). Don't need a deck or anything, will pull the existing one off the broken truck, just need a cab and frame. Not interested in high mile/rusty garbage.

If you have a line on something like this, or even know a broker that could dig up something decent (on relatively short notice) that you could put me in touch with, that would be great.

Asking Price : Negotiable depending on the truck

Contact Information
PM Me.