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    Hi all,

    I have a B&C Microsystems 1409 PL81 ROM (eeprom) chip programmer for sale. I've been told that this can be used to write/burn a "27C256" ROM chip, the type that many/most chip(ed/able) Honda B-Series engine ECUs use, amongst others. I've been hanging on to this thing for quite some time & figured I'd offer it up as I am not really in a position to be archiving "OG" ROM chip writers from the mid-80s at this time . The unit still works, and I no longer have the vehicle or ECU I intended to use this thing with, so, my loss could == your gain.

    The enclosure / chasis for this unit was optional from the manufacturer, and it never had it from the looks of it (hence the plastic/rubber feet on the bottom as seen in the pictures), so don't let the fact it looks like a "raw circuit board" scare you away. That's the way it's supposed to be.

    It has a 25-pin serial port. So, you will need appropriate cables (and ports on your computer) to use this thing. I have tested it as far as successfully communicating with it in a serial-comm program (such as HyperTerm), via a USB-to-serial adapter, and reading a ROM chip (you'll see the chip in question in one of the pictures...) But, since I did not have any blank ROMs on hand, was unable to actually try writing a chip. But, anyone who I've spoken to about this thing has told me that they have never seen one fail, and that it "would be a given" that it would work to write a ROM chip if it had powered on and communication was possible via the serial port (which it was).

    I have the manual in PDF format. The manual describes the commands required to read/write ROMs and all other functions. I also have a collection of 126 ROM-image files (.BIN format, 32 kbyte each) for various B-SERIES ECU configurations (stock/tuned/JDM/USDM/etc). Both the manual and ROMs can be included if interested.

    Was looking for $200, but will consider reasonable offers.

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