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Thread: 2022 Winter tires

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    Update on days winter tires needed?
    3 to date?

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    Yea just 3 so far. Going to venture out in a bit to reassess.

    edit - reassessed. still not calling a studded tire day today. I'm still able to put full power down at most lights with barely any wheelspin. there's a few corners out there that are icier than normal. lots of accidents out there today, all season tire crew must not be having fun in these temps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rage2 View Post
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    Itís kinda hilarious how big of a jump they are from normal winter tires on the bad days. As big of a jump, maybe even bigger compared to going from all season to winters.
    Yeah forsure. Where they will really shine is Calgary -> Edmonton and Calgary -> Kootenays mid winter drives.

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