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    Default Hardwood Lumber For Woodworking *SOLD*

    Hey all!

    I am selling a bunch of hardwood I have been collecting over the years for my woodworking hobby. This is really good stuff! It has been stickered and stacked in my garage for 12+ years.

    I have the following... Numbers are approximate.

    200bf of 8/4 White Ash, some surfaced two sides by me and some still rough sawn

    30bf of rough sawn 4/4 Curly Cherry

    1 long wide board of 8/4 cherry and one medium length

    maybe 20bf of Walnut rough cut 4/4

    Plus a few random boards of Curly Maple, Bloodwood and Purpleheart.

    Not interested in selling a board here and a board there. I was thinking $900 for everything and that is far less than half of replacement value.

    Must be gone before November 27 or I will give it all to a good friend who I probably owe more in favours than the money is worth lol!

    Pick up in Water Valley

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