On February 1, there will be a price increase across the board. Any orders placed before February 1 will hold the current price.

Tissot: Not a massive increase, generally the price increase ranges from $20-$100:
- PRX Powermatic 80 from $875 to $925
- Seastar Powermatic 80 from $975 to $1025
- Supersport chronograph from $595 to $625

Hamilton: Average of 7% increase, however there are some long overdue major price adjustments, mostly to the Khaki Field models:
-Khaki Field auto 38mm and 42mm from $650 to $880
-Khaki King auto from $695 to $880
-Jazzmaster open hear from $1085 to $1250

Longines: Nothing too crazy as they have had more price adjustments than the other two brands recently:
Hydroconquest: $2150 to $2300
Legend Diver: $2900 to $3050
ZULU time: $3600 to $3850

Please PM me or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about the price changes or if you want to place an order before the price increase is in effect. As always beyond pricing applies.