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I would, especially with the custom dash kit, as it really ties it all together.

The unit itself is not the fastest thing in the world, but all we use it for is android auto, normal radio, and backup camera, it works very well for these features, so no regrets for us. The backup camera is very clear, android auto works perfectly fine (we use wired mostly), and radio, well it works like radio would. With all connections correct it dims at night when lights turn on, I set it to lower volume when backing up to reduce distraction, ad android auto starts the moment the cable is plugged in. We did wireless for a while but sometimes I drive wife's car as mine is a mess with tools ect from house build, so it's easier to just plug in my phone than mess with Bluetooth on multiple devices. Overall if you limit your use and don't expect it to be as fast as your modern smartphone... It's a perfectly usable solution.
Cool thanks, that's what i figured, they say it has 10000 features but as long as the 2-3 you actually use, work well, it's good enough.

looks like they dont have that one any more, i just ordered this one for my wife's van