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You will see negative reviews on every tire because everybody has different expectations, environments, driving styles, preferences and so forth. Generally I tell people make negative reviews not because a product is bad, but more because it was not the appropriate product for their personal use and driving needs. That is the fault of a sales person not asking the right questions or knowing their products and applying that knowledge correctly. The consumer only knows it didn't meet their expectations rather than the actual reasons why it didn't meet their expectations, so they just say "bad", and that really is unfair tom the tire itself.

When that Toyo came out it got a lot of good press so you get guys going away from more aggressive tires to try it and it is not quite as aggressive, so maybe that guy was disappointed, but for the guy who is lots of highway without serious hardcore off-roading, they may love it.

My point being is it all depends. I rarely get people come back complaining about anything I have sold them, not matter what the tire is, and that is because I try and assess their needs properly before making recommendations. The only real times I get complaints is from those people who don't listen and go by and believe all the online reviews without questioning things. I mean sometimes even the tire that is hatred by most is the absolute perfect tire for someone else's needs.
Appreciate the sage advice @tirebob . I've just sent your shop a quote request for a set of rims wrapped in some A/T3s