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Thread: Any Compustar Gurus here?

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    Default Any Compustar Gurus here?

    Hi All,

    My wife's Vibe has an old CM4200 CompuStar remote starter. Guess it's the CM3 series. I looked into upgrading the antenna and remotes back in the day and was told that's the way to go. Recently I bought a G15 antenna/remote kit and plugged in in today. The learning of remotes procedure went well, got all the proper blinks like expected...but the remotes don't work. I did some digging and perhaps the CM4200 is too old and isn't compatible with the newer remotes, but the fact that everything blinks, it seems to learn the remotes, but they don't function...makes me think that I might be missing something else.

    Anyone has any idea? I really don't want to replace the brains if I don't have to. If I do end up buying a new brain, like the CM-900...would I be able to just unplug things from the CM4200 and plug them into the CM900...I REALLY don't want to rewire anything.

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    If you want to see a pro, go for a visit to the dude at AutoTech up by Urban Expressions in the NE.

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    Sounds like I should stop by AutoTech too.

    The guys at 5 Star Auto Glass fucked up my car starter by cutting the cord to the antenna and losing it behind the dash, told me they found a 'random wire' and were then dumbfounded when I told them they're the only company I've used to change windshields.

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