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Thread: Israel at war on surprise attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraSlow View Post
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    I looked at a map, is Yemen not super far from Israel? Or did I Marth?
    Old article but they may have developed drop tanks for them

    They have tankers as well but I'm not sure a refuel within Isaeli airspace would be enough for this mission, and a refuel outside their airspace would leave their tanker a sitting duck. Maybe over the red sea? Idk

    Tldr jews be tricky

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    Israel built and bought quite a bit of mid-range weaponry. They could easily hit Italy, probably even France with most of it.

    Arguably its for the domination, or defense against the greater middle east though.

    That they targetted oil is a sign of escalation though. Imagine if someone hit the US strategic salt mine reserve with a single low yield conventional McVeigh... It would have the potential to cripple the USA.

    Many countries getting sucked in now. Might be apt to call WWIII soon enough.

    As mentioned before, Putin ballistic weaponry on nuclear submarine ported in Cuba only has outside range of maybe New York. Canada is safe from it, as long as there is not another Russian sub hanging of either coast.

    But of course it it ever goes ICBM, the nukes will fly right over Canada to get to the USA. If the "world police" are the USA, they are doing a shitty job right now.
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