i have my old video card for sell..
it is a ATI All-in-wonder radeon 32MB DDR AGP

if u dont know what it is, it has a built in TV tuner ( u hook up your TV cable into it and you can watch TV on your computer..and record shows and stuff.. but yes u will also need a big hard drive if u into recording)

it also has a TV in thing ( the red/yellow/white + S-compsite)
so you can hook up your camcorder if u got the old school one, or a VCR or wat not..
of cuz it also support TV out.

It is also a decorder for Dolby digital i think, so it works like the hollywood plus sorta, if u have a surround speakers set, it can decorder DVD into full dolby digital.. etc etc

the video card itself is a Radeon with 32 MB DDR ram.. so its about... almost as fast as a Geforce 2.. between GF1 and GF2.. so its not very out of date yet

i have with me is
-- The video card itself
-- the TV in thingy ( red/white/yellow + Scompose)
-- a cable that connect your video card to your speaker + Scompose (sp?) for TV out, and spdif out etc
-- A S-compose cable itself to hook from TV to video card..
-- a monitor.. converter..thingy.. the Video card itself has the plug-in for a LCD monitor, but it comes w/ a converter if u have a normal CRT monitor.

asking 150

the one bad thing is im in Edmonton, so i will have to mail it and u mail me the money..or u wait til im next in Town again

for more information go look for it in the www.ati.com website the last suggested retail price is 299