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    Default almost hit a truck....

    i was going down deerfoot at around 6pm.. which the sun was shining rite into my eyes and i didnt have my sunglasses with me... so i was following this semi going at about 90-95 in the middle lane.. but i can barely see the semi w/ the light... then all of a sudden the semi brakes..but i didnt realize it til he was about 3 car length in front ( it was about 7 before.. pretty long distance.. so i wasnt following close at all).. so i slam on the brake.. saw the car behind me just immediately swirling to the other lane to avoid rear ending me..

    so i braked til i was about 1 car length behind the semi going at 35-40km.. on deerfoot.. then i saw some car from the left lane pulling in front of the semi .. and the semi started picking up speed and going at 95 nish again..

    i was with my mom.. and that scared the shiet out of her.. and i got out at the glenmore exit, which so happens to be there.. and realize the car infront going out of glenmore was going at about 40 and the front left tire was ripped.. haha not just flat.. it was like.. ripped like a white toliet paper :P.. so i guess thats why the semi braked and the car passing.. whew

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    Good to hear you are ok.

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