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Thread: 1996 old delta 88 abs and traction control problem

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    Default 1996 old delta 88 abs and traction control problem

    my 96 delta 88 will have the traction control and abs lites come on sometimes. The abs does not appear to work. the lite will inititally be off and the car will brake normally. then at some random stop the pedal will "crunch" down to the floor stopping the car poorly and the abs lite will come on. The pedal operates stiffly when braking and then goes to the floor. pads rotors and calipers have been replaced. Fluids are fine. any thoughts?

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    take her to a spray booth and spray the hell out of the wheels.

    I'm guessing your sensors are dirty, or your computer could be screwy.

    clean the sensors first then come back with results.

    That is if you can have a break from donating jizz

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