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    I realize that there is already at least one review already, but I believe it was for lunch in the Oyster bar. This is for dinner upstairs.

    First the numbers:
    2 people, 8pm, Friday night.

    2 appetizers, Salmon Veviche and the Digby Scallops $ 34.00
    2 main courses, Monkfish and Sablefish $70.00
    2 deserts, Apple and Chocolate $25.00

    1 bottle of wine, $60.00
    1 Cappuccino $3.50

    Grand Total Tax In: $209.19

    Made reservations the in the afternoon the day before and already between 6:15 and 8:00 were booked, so made the reser for 8. Arrived about 10 minutes early and with the restaurant about 3/4's full we were immediately sat. This is my only real complaint for the entire night, they sat us right next to the kitchen where its quite loud and people are always walking by. That table may be all right for a couple of friends but doesn't work for a romantic dinner, so I asked for a quieter table and within 2 minutes we were moved into a quiet corner by ourselves. The service was excellent, not intrusive but not lacking either, the perfect amount of attention for a dinner of this sort. The food was very good as well, but it always surprises me that the more you spend on food the less you get. Anyways, the most memorable part of the meal was dessert. I had their chocolate dessert and if you are a chocolate fan I highly recommend you go there just for the dessert. It may not look like there is 14 dollars worth of chocolate there but once it hits your mouth you will change your mind.

    Reservation system 5/5
    Ambiance 5/5
    Service 9/10 (lose 1 for trying to sit me near the kitchen)
    Drinks 5/5
    Appetizers 4/5
    Main course 10/10
    Desert 5/5

    Highly recommended for a date night, just make sure to reserve a quiet table.
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    I found the sable fish so-so when I was there. I'm all about the oysters, can't beat it! But service and ambiance was top notch!
    George likes his Kung Pao spicy!

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