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Thread: what is it? (my motor in my new beater gmc truck)

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    Default what is it? (my motor in my new beater gmc truck)

    ok i bought a 1982 gmc truck with a straight 6 and auto tranny (it is either a turbo 350 or turbo 400) anyway what cubic inch is that damn motor ? 250? and how reliable is this motor

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    It is prolly 250 cui They were mostly installed in cars. I think they are pretty reliable

    check the link here

    Nice Mullet dude
    Just search the NET for Straight 6
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    your motor will be a 292 and the trans if a 3 speed will be a th350 if it has a cable kick down on the caarb linkage ..a th400 has an electric kick down and no cable ..also a 350 oil pan looks square with the right rear corner cut off while a th400 isnt square ,rectangle or round ..its got bulges all over the place and not likely in your truck..

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