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    Question Alberta Safety Council Advanced Riding

    I have searched this but... didnt find what i was looking for.

    This is the description of the course.
    This course is designed for licensed riders who have ridden more that 5000 kilometers. Our 8 hour course includes classroom and riding sessions in a controlled area. You will develop skills and strategies that will help you enjoy motorcycling with confidence for years to come.

    This course covers collision avoidance techniques, urban riding tactics, advanced turning and braking and allows you the opportunity to improve your riding abilities while learning the limits of your motorcycle
    Has anyone taken this course? It looks pretty good and it lists everything i want to get more confident with. I am just about satisfied with my counter steering ability and whatnot, but i want to get some help finding the limits. This would be on my Kawa KLR650, so its not like im running 600 sport bike (whose limits are perhaps a bit beyond me at this point i think).

    I know any course is probably a good course, but does anyone have experience with this specific one?

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    I havent taken that specific course yet. But I took the one for beginner riders. I really liked the way they taught and it would be a good idea to get some practice on your new? bike in a controlled enviroment. Hit up www.groundpilots.com they might have some more insight there. Good luck
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