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    Default In-dash TV screen

    Im thinking of putting an in dash tv screen right above my air conditioner but how do i go about with the wires? what do i hook them up to? is there gonna be any wires? if its something i cant do on my own should i just take it to a mechanic? im going to put my PS2 in the glove box too and hook it up to the tv so where would i take the wires from the ps2 to the tv? basically im saying i have no idea how to get a tv installed into my car but i want learn.
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    is it a tv/cdplayer n shit? i am not totally certain but i am sure that it will come with ur 3 basic ones for sure, batt, ground and remote.... its not hard to get them in, thay have instruction.. a deck is harder to wire up then t.vs and deck r easy..

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