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Thread: FS: intercooler cold water sprayer

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    Default FS: intercooler cold water sprayer

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    sounds like a good mod. I was gonna gettho rid some old windshield nozzels w/ a switch....but this is definatley a better way to go. I'd luv to see it on your car.....
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    Intercooler sprayers do not give you more horsepower. They simply maintain the amount of horsepower the engine is capable of. When you are not moving, your intercooler gets heatsoaked and thus robs the potential power of the engine. The sprayer will simply lower the temperature of the TMIC so that the heatsoak doesn't have as much of an effect.

    The only reason to go with a FMIC is because the heatsoak doesn't happen as often or as quickly as a TMIC. FMIC doesn't necessarily give you more power.

    That being said, WRX owners should buy this, it does make a difference to TMIC.

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