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Thread: Wanted: Experienced SAFC installer for 2g DSM

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    Default Wanted: Experienced SAFC installer for 2g DSM

    I need an experienced installer/tuner to install and moderately tune an SAFC I have. I would prefer someone who has done these on 2g DSM's...that way they will have some idea about the exact wiring procedure. Right now I threw in 660's and anything above 4k-rpm and it bucks and heaves like crazy...so I need this SAFC installed ASAP!

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    This article is an excellent explanation to set up an AFC on a DSM. As for installation, you only have to remove the driver's side of your console trim by the footwell to get access to the ECU as it is behind the stereo. Apexi details the ECU pinouts right in the manual. Just make sure that you connect the brown & black ground wires in the proper order and SOLDER & TAPE the connections. It should only take about an hour max. This will steer you in the right direction:


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