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    Default Reasonable Price??

    Just went down to A&B Sound South location to take a look at some speakers.

    My 2 5 1/2" fronts are on the end of the line right now, so im just looking for a decent replacement.

    The folks down at a&b asked what type of music i listen, which is mainly house/trance and they recommened any of the alpines or JL's.

    both will cost around 120 for the 2 speakers .. and about 45$ for install.. with gst it'll come to around 180s. Is this a pretty avg quote?

    also how hard is it to install your self? I'd think its pretty easy to just pop off the cover pull the speaker and wires out and reconnect the new one? or is there much more to it than that?

    also if you guys have anyother brands you'd recomend please be sure to post em =) i heard infinity is quite good but don't have the same mid range bass as the alpines and jls.

    The reason why im not getting a sub yet for my bass is because my car has a factory preamp which doesnt give enough power to power a decent, in order to put a sub in i think i need to by a new amp. And i don't have the money to do that and if i did the install i heard is more expensive.

    anyways, any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Well I dunno about which brand of speakers are good but speaker install is the easiest thing to do urself...dont pay the $45...

    All u do is pop unscrew the old speaker...take off the connections, put the new speaker in...reconnect the connections and screw it back in and put the grille back on and voila..
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    unless you need a new wiring harness and such.. then its a pain I've heard.

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