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    1965 Impala 2Dr Hardtop:

    - The car runs fairly decent
    - original color is Tahitian Turquoise (paint code L)
    - odometer reads: 85956 original miles
    - car has factory air conditioning
    - car does not have factory power brakes, but can be
    easily changed
    - automatic 2 speed Powerglide tranny w/ column
    - interior is original cloth (a little tatterd) in
    matching color of exterior
    - has factory floor mats
    - original engine is a 283ci V8, but someone in the
    past has swapped it for a 260ci straight 6 cylinder.
    This shouldn't be a problem because it would have
    needed a new engine anyways.
    - serial #: 1G4375L154962
    - last owner had the fuel tank cleaned and serviced
    fresh before i bought it
    - the side glass and rear window is in perfect shape
    and have factory GM tint. The windsheild is cracked
    and needs to be replaced
    - The car is a typical field car and needs to be
    restored for best results. There is surface rust on
    the top of the roof. the quarter panels on the car are
    very good but the bottoms are rusted through. The
    trunk is in very good shape but there is rust that is
    starting to eat throuh. I have nt looked under the
    carpet in the floorboards but I would imagine they are
    in good shape.
    - I bought and sold many Impalas over the years and I
    own 2 now, this car is an extremly nice project car!

    only $3000

    if interested pm or call me at 619 9348 ask for nazim
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    Is the 65 an SS and which size is the engine?

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