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    Default FS: Toshiba M30 1.5gig Centrino laptop

    MINT LIKE NEW!!! It is absolutely flawless! Bought on Sept 2nd, 2004. 1 month and 3 days old to exact todays date! Im selling it cause I realized I want a Apple powerbook (just love it 1 inch thick baby!). So Im trying to get rid of this one if I can. if not then Ill leave it. Heres what it comes with...

    Toshiba M30 Centrino laptop. Model #: PSM30C-7101U. Please note you can no longer purchase this model new anymore, as it was a limited model. $2200 was its lowest retail price.
    Basic stuff like battery, power pack, manual, box, etc. No docking stations or desk clamps to lock it!

    Future Shop 3 yr warranty! (paid $350 for this) If you are not famialiar with their personal warranty, pm me and I can tell you what I know. Otherwise they can provide you with all the info in detail if you call them.

    Im asking $2500. Which loses me $300 (paid $2800 with everything and all taxes). Its a must see! gaurenteed perfection! if you would like to meet up and see it, feel free to pm me.

    best regards

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