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    Default Older Computer For Sale **SOLD**

    I had a deal but I dont think it went through as the guy who was interested said he would call me back but never did.

    Anyways new offers and new price

    Compaq Presario 4814

    36 MB RAM


    Comes with Creative 8x48x32x CD-RW

    Also another slot for another cd rom

    3.5 floppy drive

    2 usb ports

    sound card and video card which is capable of playing war craft or nhl 2002 without any problems.

    I will throw in 14" monitor

    and the Quick Restore CD all for a brand spanking new price of

    this computer is great for a second computer or letting the kids play with it. Especially for word processing, surfing the net and playing some games.

    It has been maintained very well and runs like a 300 mhz due to constant maintenance i have put on it.

    $125.00 OBO I am looking to get rid of this baby ASAP.
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