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    Default Good Distance Learning vs. Local Schooling...

    I am wondering what you guys think about distance learning programs. I am wondering if a distance learning program from a HIGHLY respected school (ie - Princeton) is as good, or even better, than a program at the University of Calgary, or if continuing at the University of Calgary is a better choice for me.

    What have you students/employers/employees who have encountered this feel about this issue?
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    I think it takes the right person to be truely succesful in a distance course. If you are a highly motivated individual you'll most likely enjoy distance cuz you can learn at your own pace. Many people take distance courses and can complete the course relatively easily but they don't necessarily learn, or behold as much knowledge as someone who takes the same course in a traditional teaching atmosphere. So all in all I really think it all comes down to the individual because everyone learns differently.

    Take me for example, I took a couple distance courses and past them both with exceptional grades but I didn't feel I came out of the courses with all that much. This is because I only focused on things that I absolutely needed to know for tests and projects, the rest of the course content I completely ignored cuz I had no motivation to learn and read what I wasn't crucial for me to know. I personally need a class to go to. I couldn't wake up n the morning and read a textbook purely from ambition.

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    i find distance learning classes easier than local classroom courses.. I think it's more personal preference/abilities more than anything.. different learning styles.

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    IMO, a structured environment with an actual professor talking to you, while interacting with other students, is better than any long distance program.

    After taking a few online courses, I realize that you miss out on so many of the little things that are so important to learning. Only take correspondence courses if you have to.

    But again, you are talking about a school like Princeton here. I can only offer my opinion on In Class Vs Online Courses

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