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    Hi, I have JL Audio XR series 6.5inch front speakers and JL Audio VR series 6x9 rear speakers. I am looking to add an amplifier (4Channel), to power my speakers. What amplifier do you guys recommend? I am on a bit of a tight budget so i dont know if i can afford anything for the next little while. But any suggestions are appreciated, I like the JL Audio 300/4, but cant afford $800 right now!

    I have them running off my alpine deck now, my deck is 60W x 4, so is it ok for me to run the speakers off my deck for the time being? Will i damage anything if i do?


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    It will run fine like that without any damage to the unit. The benefits of an amplifier would be cleaner, crisper sound, as well as more control over the speaker levels.
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    it all depends on your speakers. u can sort of tell if they arent getting enuff pwoer.

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