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Thread: Official AC Hydraulic Group Buy Thread

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    Default Official AC Hydraulic Group Buy Thread

    Ok, thanks to kenny for the go ahead!
    Here is the pricing (USD) I got from All Tire Supply.
    AC - DK20 $ 229.44 ea
    AC - DK13HLQ $ 350.30 ea
    AC - 1500N $ 32.54 ea
    AC - Rubber Jack Pad $ 16.95 ea
    These prices do not include shipping.

    What I need from everyone is to post:
    -Exactly what they want (model #)
    -Exactly how many they want of each item (please list all quantities INDIVIDUALLY. I.E. If you want 4 jackstands, list 4)
    -Where it is to be shipped to & who to address the shipment to.
    -How you will be paying (they will only accept: prepaid, cash or cheque. Please pay directly to the retailer)
    -Any other questions/comments/concerns.

    For Canadian orders, if it is cheaper, I can receive all Canadian orders.
    Edmontonians can pick up from my place.
    I can drive down to Calgary with the items on a preset date where everyone can pick up their orders & pay for customs/taxes.

    I will forward all of the orders & their associated addresses/payment method/details as soon as I have gathered as many as possible.

    All final figures for the cost of items & S&H needs to be paid up front.
    Once the final #s are received by All Tire Supply, they will give me a cost for S&H which I will then notify everyone of. It will then be split evenly & be added on top of everyone's orders.

    I will also tabulate the cost of customs & taxes then divide the total cost according to how much each person bought.
    You can pay balance of customs & taxes to me in CAD funds upon pickup.

    The shipment will be insured.

    Jacks come with a 5 year warranty from AC Hydraulic. They have an office in the USA so you don't have to talk to someone in Denmark if you have questions/concerns.

    A tentative time frame for the first order (I don't plan on doing more than 2 orders) will be within the next 2 weeks. Before Valentine's.

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    I'm sorry to say that the GB is cancelled

    This is due to a complete LOSS of interest from the expensive "group buy" pricing the retailers gave.

    I still forwarded some orders to the retailer but they said they could only give normal pricing.

    So if you are still interested, please place your own individual orders.

    My apologies again.

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    I would be interested in a DK20 if this group buy is still going on ...? Mike

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