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Thread: AIM industries grille vs B cool billets grille?

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    Default AIM industries grille vs B cool billets grille?

    I have a 98 malibu. Now finding a billet grille was impossible for me. I know the "quality" grille some people have on cardomain is AIM industries. Their grill is like $180 US on a website not sure about shipping. There is a guy selling B cool billets grilles on eBay for like $120. The reason this is tempting is because i have some gift certificates. I would only pay for shipping them about $20. Heres the ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...spagename=WD1V

    I'm just afraid if I buy this cheaper one it may be crappy or rust up on me. Leme know your input. Are they just about the same thing? AIM :doesn't give a description of their product, well I cannot find one. Please help me decide

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    aim sucks ass. i would never get anything form them.
    and how would a BILLET grill rust ? buy the b cool one.

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