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    Default Snow, and more snow

    I know first picture doesn't have anything to do with snow but its ok :P I have to clean the cluster visor next time I do this so I don't get glare.

    We got about 2-5cm of snow per hour yesterday in Ottawa. Leaving a thick and beautiful white blanket over everything!

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    hmm that sux. its going to 15 here today ahahhahahha, i luv t-shirt weather
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    Nice pics, but im so pumped for the 15 above today. I dont miss the snow at all.

    Originally posted by SKR
    You know what, I'm such a ricer. More form than function, oversized exhaust, Japanese engine, and if I put the tailgate down it kind of acts as much like a wing as the picnic table wings the fast and furious guys are bolting to their cars.

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